Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions advisory – whether majority or minority, for public and private corporations – is our forte. We provide end-to-end advisory to clients on their most important inorganic growth initiatives.

Our advisory involves assisting across the full arc of a deal life cycle that often involves

  • Scoping and target identification
  • Discussion initiation and management
  • Approach and bid strategy
  • Valuation
  • Structuring and negotiation
  • Due diligence
  • Documentation and closing

Our M&A transaction experience include

  • Private target acquisition
  • Public company acquisition
  • Merger through court processes
  • Carve-out acquisition
  • Minority stake acquisition
  • Financial investment
  • Bankruptcy and debt resolution process acquisitions

Divesting some or all of a business is a complex decision. The Amax Capital team has significant and deep experience in structuring and executing a wide variety of sale transactions. Our approach to structuring a divestment process and terms is based on spending time understanding the objectives of the exercise for the various stakeholders in the company. This includes taking into account considerations beyond just the commercial ones – especially taking care of the perspective of management teams that may be impacted by a divestment.

Some of the types of divestitures that the Amax Capital principals have been involved with include

  • Minority and majority equity sale
  • Sale of public company
  • Carve-out sale of business or subsidiary
  • Joint venture sales and partnerships

Amax Capital advises on raising capital for our clients. Our experience working with various forms of capital, both in an advisory capacity as well as principal investor, sets us apart in structuring capital raises focused more on the specifics of the case – amount, end use, value and cash flow – than typical and arbitrary classifications.

Experience of the forms of capital that the Amax Capital team has include

  • Common and preferred equity
  • Warrants and structured options
  • Senior debt
  • Subordinated and mezzanine debt
  • Structured and off-balance-sheet financing
  • Alternative investment instruments including fund units and derivative-linked contracts

Deal experience within the firm spans the globe and a size gamut from $10mn to over $5bn and clients that range from partnerships to public companies. Our breadth of the range of deal experience in size, form of capital, jurisdiction and role allows us to fully understand the possibilities both in the public as well as private markets which, in turn, leads to a sharper structuring and a more optimal matching between the need of capital and availability.

Amax Capital has access to an international network of investors and lenders that we access to bring together issuers and providers of capital.

Amax Capital provides a wide variety of financial advisory services that aim to help our clients attain their strategic objectives. The typical forms of these services include

  • Retained strategic corporate finance advisory: balance sheet optimization advisory, capital structuring, investment planning and budgeting
  • Retained corporate development: in-house M&A, JV, licensing and divestment support
  • JV and alliance structuring: assistance with structuring and negotiating financial terms of partnerships and JVs
  • Standalone valuation: fairness opinions, business and contract valuation